We aim to see you once a year
for a Dental Health Check

” This was the best check up I have ever had. Dr Johar explained my X-rays and photos to me in a simple way that was easy to understand. I really felt that I was in good hands. I have never  felt so relaxed with a dentist before. I hate to admit it, but I actually enjoyed my dental appointment! The head phones and TV on the ceiling helped to relax too! It’s great that I have finally found a dentist I can trust!”  Mrs HJ 

We help you achieve great oral health by gently giving you the knowledge, tools & techniques for prevention and great dental health.

What Exactly Is A
Dental Health Check?

We will:

  • Go through any underlying medical conditions you may have and explain how these may effect your mouth and teeth including side effects of any medication you are using.
  • Mouth cancer screening including a thorough check of the health of your tongue, cheeks and palate
  • Checking your gums and your teeth to ensure there are no underlying problems
  • We check all existing fillings for decay and leaks
  • We will use an intra-oral camera to show you photos of any concerns we have- so you can see what we see ( If you want to!)
  • All necessary X-rays are taken in order to diagnose any problems that are not visible to the naked eye e.g. beneath filling, between teeth, the bone and supportive structures
  • We will assess your teeth for grinding/ clenching – to try to prevent or treat head aches/migraines/ shoulder and neck pain.
  • Check the TMJ joint you use to open / close your mouth and to chew with
  • We will give you a bespoke treatment plan with preventative oral health advice
  • We will show you the right techniques to help you brush on and between your teeth correctly
  • We will answer any questions/ concerns you may have about your gums/ teeth/ smile

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Copyright 2021 by Floss and Smile. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 by Floss and Smile. All rights reserved.