Smile Makeovers

Increase your confidence and get the smile you deserve!

What Exactly Is A
Smile Makeover?

This treatment is life changing!

A Smile design consultation costs £150 and will be taken off the final treatment cost if you choose to go ahead and complete the treatment with us.

We will:

  • Go through your smile wish list
  • Take many close up photos of your smile and full face photos to make a comprehensive plan to reach your goals
  • Go through all your treatment options
  • Go through Finance options

This patient started out with crowded teeth.

Her teeth were mis-aligned and discoloured. We advised a treatment plan which started with straightening her teeth with clear aligners by Invisalign. Excellent oral hygiene was achieved by great cleaning routines.

After straightening her teeth, we whitened them. Some teeth needed to be restored with tooth coloured fillings, others needed some crowns.

This was on the day we placed the final crowns. 

Approximate timescales: 

The straightening of teeth takes between 2 months to 12 months+

The whitening usually takes approx 2 weeks

The crowns and veneers take 2 weeks.

RESULT – A perfect smile

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Copyright 2021 by Floss and Smile. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 by Floss and Smile. All rights reserved.